Client Zhiben

Client Zhiben Direction / Design / Animation Frame Production Service Final Frontier Music & Sound Design Facundo Capece

    Luxury skincare company, Zhiben engaged Frame to create a new film for its Total Solution Ultra-effective Series. The product was designed to revitalise skin to a younger state, with its specially designed skin protection ingredients combination.

    The creative brief was to convey the theme of protection and active resistance, all whilst highlighting the iconic design of the packaging itself, including its unique twist and turn replacement system.

    Rose petals were employed as a visual metaphor used to “catch” the bottles as they descend from the sky. The light in the scene is hard and directional, symbolising the harshness of the everyday environment that the Zhiben product (and its unique antioxidant properties) is protecting us from.

    The entire film has a sense of slow motion in stark contrast to the lights and the shadows that move unnaturally fast in order to illustrate the passing of time. All of this is packaged into a gentle and soft expression that resonates with the core DNA of the Zhiben brand.