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At FRAME, we're at the forefront of shaping 3D product narratives for the luxury market, with a 15-year track record of collaboration with renowned names such as Balenciaga, ZEGNA, USM, Hublot, B&B Italia, Montblanc, Zenith, TAG Heuer, Bang & Olufsen, Jaguar, Range Rover, Louis Poulsen, Tissot, Montana among others. Our Danish heritage, a testament to world-class furniture design and craftsmanship, steers our minimalist yet richly tactile approach. We don’t just adopt minimalism; we live it, infusing our creations with quality, sincerity, and an eye for the exquisite details that define luxury.

Our expertise goes beyond the visual; it's about understanding the essence that makes premium items resonate. Whether it is the precise brushing of a watch bolt or the emotional quality of light from a lamp, our commitment to authenticity and depth sets us apart.

At FRAME, we're not just about the visual spectacle. We dig deeper, striving to weave the essence of luxury brands into every story we tell, ensuring that the soul of the product aligns seamlessly with the brand's vision. This commitment to substance and authenticity is the cornerstone of what makes us FRAME.


This essence fuels our drive to achieve excellence. Embracing these core principles, we've cultivated independence, confidence, and a profound pride in our creations.

Our creations are anchored in deep creative insights, transforming simple observations into immersive experiences that captivate and engage.

Like Marie Kondo, we believe less is more. Our visual storytelling is streamlined, ensuring every element serves the narrative effectively.

We craft visuals that transcend the screen, offering an immersive experience that lets viewers feel textures and perceive weight, enhancing the narrative's depth with meticulous attention to materiality and movement.

Our aim is timeless appeal, blending innovation with enduring style. This balance of curiosity and classicism ensures our work remains relevant and revered.

We integrate graphic design principles into 3D spaces, creating cohesive and striking visual narratives that resonate and remain memorable.

Our ultimate goal is to stir emotions, leaving a lasting impact through dynamic action, mesmerizing movement, and meticulously crafted mood and tone, even in the briefest moments.


TRUSTED BY LUXURY BRANDS LIKE Balenciaga, ZEGNA, USM, Mercedes-Benz, Royal Copenhagen, Longines, Hublot, B&B Italia, Montblanc, Zenith, TAG Heuer, Bang & Olufsen, Jaguar, Range Rover, Louis Poulsen, Tissot and Montana, BECAUSE WE ARE SPECIALISTS IN PORTRAYING LUXURY.

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