TAKT – Cross Chair

Client TAKT Cph

Direction / Design / Animation Frame

TAKT is an environmental and social responsible furniture brand that brings great nordic craftsmanship and design to the masses without leaving a large CO2 footprint like some of its counter parts.

In this batch of SoMe films we set out to find a Big Idea that would drive current and future films. One overarching concept to communicate TAKT's core values and principles no matter the product but flexible enough to highligt specific product features. A concept that could work on both one-product-per-film or multiple-products-per film executions. A concept that would yield high-end photo realistic and original results. A concept that was very clearly true to the TAKT aesthetic with a unified visual language to run though all films.

The key word for us here was Balance. Keeping our nature in balance. The balance between great design while still being affordable. The balance between craftsmanship and innovation. Balance between tradition and playfulness. With this overarching idea in mind we created the concept - Balance.

Inspired by delicately and precisely stacking objects of various form or materials on top of each other, for example seen in art sculptures, we obtain a perfectly balanced and refined creation. Another inspiration can be taken from mobiles (or uro in Danish) that are often gracefully alive and slightly moving. There is something satisfying and refined about observing things neatly balanced on top of each other.