NJP Mini

Client Louis Poulsen

Direction / Design / Animation Frame Client Louis Poulsen Sound Design Nina Liv Stylist Mads Lindhardt Faber

    Frame has continued its successful long-term collaboration with Danish lighting design company, Louis Poulsen by creating a series of films to unveil the brand’s new 2022 Collection.⁠⁠

    The creative challenge was to distill each product’s unique design story into a short sequence, whilst maintaining a sense of eye-catching playfulness.⁠⁠

    The team assembled for the ambitious, five-film project included the very talented Mads Lindhardt Faber (Stylist) and Nina Liv (Sound Design).

    NJP Mini is designed by Japanese Nendo Design. The NJP Mini desk lamp excels at creating the perfect working environment illumination. It is highly adjustable and adaptable. The film is inspired by compact living and is set in a space that is as Japanese as it is Nordic.