Louis Poulsen Icons

Client Louis Poulsen

Client Louis Poulsen Direction / Design / Animation Frame Stylist Mads Lindhardt Faber Music & Sound Design Nina Liv

    Classic design stands the test of time. As part of its Spring 2023 campaign, Louis Poulsen teamed up with Frame to create a series of films that encourage the viewer to (re)discover iconic designs by world renowned designers such as PH Artichoke by Poul Henningsen, Panthella by Verner Panton, AJ Floor by Arne Jacobsen and Patera by Øivind Slaatto.

    In total, nine iconic lamps are featured in the campaign - two of which are exciting new introductions (AJ Garden Bollard & Patera Ø300), whilst one is a significant reintroduction - this being the AJ Oxford. Designed by Arne Jacobsen for the modernist St. Catherine’s College in Oxford, England in the 1960s, it is perhaps his most highly praised total work of art, and it is still used for teaching and student housing. Form playfully follows function in the AJ Oxford Table lamp, where the stem becomes the stand and the cord continues the visual line, with the sculptural shade balancing the expression.

    The unique creative challenge for this campaign was to portray nine very distinct products (both iconic and new designs) in a coherent, sophisticated yet contemporary setting.

    The films contain a series of carefully constructed compositions, featuring multiple products grouped together in an almost sculptural expression. These compositions, contrasted with the bold colour background and prominent type, attempt to convey a sense of the new and old, working together in perfect harmony. A bold new statement in the evolution of the Louis Poulsen brand.