Hublot Big Bang
Millennial Pink

Client Hublot

Direction / Design / Animation Frame Sound Design waa

Frame was thrilled to be engaged by the Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot, with the view to creating a product film for the unveiling of a new version of the Big Bang timepiece, christened Millennial Pink, designed in collaboration with Garage Italia and Lapo Elkann.

The tone of the film was designed to reflect the true spirit of the Millennial Pink which is not in the exclusive realm of women, nor that of men, but truly a symbol of a completely new generation. This special hue marks a seismic shift which will change the status quo: established traditional values are being reconsidered through a lens of positivity. Pink – this pink – expresses a gentle, inclusive and confident approach to life. A fresh, young vision, full of substance, which redefines style.

The combination of photoreal CG, split screen layouts and 2D typography creates a dynamic aesthetic that conveys the bold, youthful spirit of the product, whilst still honouring the sophistication of the Hublot brand.