Direction / Design / Animation Frame Sound Design Ole Krogstad

    Frame has recently produced a number of AIAIAI films and on this occasion we were engaged to develop a film to mark the official release of the COLORS x STUDIOS and AIAIAI headphones, available in a special limited edition.Since 2016, the TMA-2 has been a core part of COLORS’ visual and sonic identity. As the popularity of the platform has grown, the audience had countless questions about the specific model that COLORS trust to be used by the artists featured in their renowned A COLORS SHOW.The model is a unique variant based on AIAIAI’s TMA-2 modular unit used by artists, producers and DJ's across the globe. COLORS’ sound engineer worked with AIAIAI to configure their own dedicated sound setting preset, so listeners can bless their entire music library with COLORS’ signature smooth tone and audio balance.