Wacom Cintiq Companion

Client Wacom

Direction / Creative Direction / Design / Animation Frame Sound Design Nando Eweg

    Frame was approached by their agent Artbox in Amsterdam about a new job for Wacom. The job was a film for their world wide launch of the ultra secret new product, the “Cintiq Companion”. It’s is a super tablet with proper computing power to do serious work on the go.

    Frame won the pitch by challenging the brief and supplying some kick-ass style frames. We wanted to create a graphic motion inspired feel since this segment is very relevant in the light of the Companions capabilities. Actually we treated the job as our own since we actually were the target audience.

    After the PO landed we went back into designing and writing until everybody was satisfied. Storyboards were created, animatics were made and we started experimenting with animation. To get a better sense of the challenge ahead we created a full blown shoot creating a motion test for one shot only. This way we could get the pipeline figured out, the technical challenges ironed out and of course have something that the client could ultimately approve.

    Directed by Anders Shroder from Frame we shot for four days in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

    After the cut and pre-grade was approved we started creating specific style frames for the actual shot sequences. These were animated and integrated into the liveaction plates.

    It was an international effort. Frame being Danish, the agent and production company was Dutch, the agency German and the client being Japanese with our contact person being French.