Porsche Mobil1

Client Porsche & Mobil1

Direction / Design / Animation Frame Production Company Fabula Chile Sound Design Box Of Toys Audio

    Frame pumps life into Mobil1 motor oil & Porsche.

    In this spectacular film a mean and aggressive machine bull is conceived and brought into being by the blood of Porsche, the Mobil1 motor oil. The concept of this co-branded piece is to show how Mobil 1 motor oil is the most hi-tech and durable oil available for Porsche’s high performance cars.

    Frame helped the agency launch the Mobil1 campaign by utilizing a mix of live-action, animation and VFX as Frame collaborated with the talented people at Ghost VFX, who contributed with look development, character animation and subsequently composited their renders.

    Frame acted as a creative partner with the agency to create the initial concepts and execution of the insanely detailed animations.

    The dystopian commercial was directed, designed and animated by Frame Copenhagen.