Homann Park

Client Louis Poulsen

Concept / Direction / Design / Animation Frame

    New Homann Park design delivers a sleek design and thoughtful illumination to paths and parksDanish designer Alfred Homann’s new side-mounted post top design, which earned top marks in a Louis Poulsen design competition for a subtle, stylish park and path luminaire, is now available to enhance outdoor spaces around the world.

    The Homann Park was one of four entries in Louis Poulsen’s search for elegant, technologically advanced illumination aligned with current outdoor lighting trends in the US and Europe. A market survey weighed overwhelmingly in favour of Homann Park’s sleek, smart expression and functionality.

    A slimmed-down version of a cone-shaped luminaire, the Homann Park comes in a version with glowing rings on both the bottom and the top, as well as in a no-uplight version.

    The self-illuminating fixture provides direct downward illumination that emphasizes the shape of the luminaire while enhancing ambience and comfort. The design also offers round symmetrical and asymmetrical light distribution.