HERO Channel Identity

Client Nelonen Media

Concept / Creative Direction / Design / Animation Frame

    Frame did the channel identity of the new Finnish channel Hero. The look and feel is fresh, urban and authentic and communicates Hero’s promise “evenings are ours”.

    Hero was launched to gain reach of youngish adults (25-35 yrs), who are light users of tv. Its unique scheduling enables binge watching and responds to the transformation in viewing habits. Simple and demonstrative ways of communicating the schedule were essential in the design. Hero’s content consists of Hollywood series and movies.

    The Hero Crew brings local feeling to Hero: it is a group of a group of 10 interesting personalities that represent the target group, recommending contents and acting as the spokespersons of the channel. Hero has a social media presence both on- and off-air. On its first day on air, Hero reached almost 500k viewers with its main launch series Fargo. It also reached an impressive 58% awareness level during its first weeks.