American Horror
Story Cult

Client FX Networks

Produced By FX Networks Directed By Steve Viola Direction / Creative Direction / Post Production / VFX Frame President, Multi-Platform Marketing Stephanie Gibbons EVP, Multi-Platform Marketing John Varvi SVP, Motion & Digital Design / Creative Director Steve Viola SVP, Production & Special Projects Kenna McCabe VP, Motion Design Albert Romero VP, Production, Motion Design Dara Barton VP, Content & Editorial Carol Weiler VP, Production & Special Projects Elizabeth Knight Art Director, Motion Design Andre Carbonari Designer, Motion Design Julio Ferrario Directors of Photography Paul Tolton / Jesse Roth Aerial Photography AERIALMOB Music & Sound Design Echolab

    Entering its seventh season, multi-award winning American Horror Story has become a smash hit for the FX Network, having garnered critical and mainstream audience acclaim across the world.

    Frame was delighted to be given the opportunity to partner with the FX team in order to create a vivid yet eerie promo spot for the forthcoming AHS Cult.

    We are excited to present to you the final resulting teaser, aptly titled Nightmare.