Anders SchroderTom CrateMatias HansenBrian WilliamsMorten Kühl

Anders Schroder

Anders Schroder is a Danish director, creative director and artist. His striking visual style and unique approach to the filmmaking craft has solidly put his Copenhagen based motion graphics shop Frame on the map.

Having spent four years split between New York and Los Angeles, three years in Sydney and three in London.

His work includes campaigns for VW, Carlsberg, Porsche, AD Sports TV, Wacom, Nascar, Al Jazeera, Citgo, Ford, Lincoln, Premier League, Nike and Adidas.

Tom Crate

Tom Crate is a live action director, animator and designer hailing from the UK.

He has enjoyed a varied career taking in many corners of the globe before he eventually landed at Frame in Copenhagen where he has been honing his motion graphics sensibilities and eating cakes since 2009.

Tom draws on his diverse background to bring freshness and sensitivity to his work. He can work both standing up and sitting down.

Matias Hansen

Matias is a motion designer and director from Copenhagen, with a love for minimal design, strong concepts and ultra black coffee.

Coming from a background in digital design before moving into the realm of animation, Matias’ approach is extremely diverse, with his personal style revolving around the colorful, fun and the surreal (or what his mom would call a feminine touch).

He has worked on projects for the likes of Ford and Bang and Olufsen as well as some of the biggest channel rebrands in Denmark.

Brian Williams

Brian graduated with a degree in design for print, film and TV from the College of Art and Design in Dublin. His love of the moving image led him to set up a separate television division specializing in motion graphics and live action.

Brian has won 16 print awards, six animation awards and scores of gongs for live action directing including a Kinsale Shark.

As a live action director Brian has worked on major international brands like BBC, Coke, Virgin and Lexus, Bridgestone and Toyota.

Morten Kühl

Morten Kühl Christensen is a Visual Director, Designer and Animator from Copenhagen, Denmark, working in the wondrous intersection of live-action and animation.

Morten Kühl’s minimalistic style and aesthetics are heavily influenced by his background as a Cinematographer laced with his Scandinavian heritage.

Morten’s unique approach has been molded by living in LA and NYC, working for some of the top studios for several years before returning to his beloved home country.