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About Frame blog / Magazine

Frame Blog / Magazine is a part of the Frame 3D animations company. Separately run to enlighten the eager reader with more information on a given subject.

You will find in-depth descriptions of the major projects made by Frame.

Unfortunately we’re not able to present every client due to restrictions in individual company policies. This os normal procedure and we do everything in our power to protect our customers.

Please visit the main project website here

Frame is an award winning creative production studio with a sharp focus on design and visual storytelling located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

With an international client base, and as the largest studio in Denmark, we make all kinds of clever stuff for screens of all sizes, be it commercials, broadcast promotions, films and digital projects.

We always strive to be diverse. Made up of talented directors, designers, animators, and producers, our use of a wide range of skills help bring brands to life from original idea to final product.

You’re a nice guy (or girl) first and foremost. You’re a teamplayer but self-motivated. You’re an amazing dancer or at least an awesome animator with super duper rhythmical sense. You design hot style frames and don’t jump out of the nearest window before presenting to the client. You’re an ok writer that can create solid concepts and treatments. Since you’re super experienced you think that honest and constructive criticism is a good way to get even better. You should want to direct your own projects. And you have plus 5 years of solid jammin’ in the industry.

  • Animate hot animations.
  • Design even hotter frames.
  • Think up strong ideas and be able to present them in writing as well as
  • Directing experience is a huge plus.
  • Pick clients brains and translate that into visual ideas.
  • Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema4D and Octane world champ.
  • Houdini would be a nice plus.
  • Ping Pong! We hope you might be the one to beat our reigning studio
    champ; our cocky EP.

Please send your sexy reel to

or Contact Frame directly.